Personal experience was our inspiration to create client friendly services

– Tereza Michalová, Dan Michal –

Real Estate is our story, we enjoy what we do

Blue House is a family project which started in 2011. It builts on more than 10 years of experience with real estate transactions for family and friends purpouses. It also draws on many years of business and professional experience in related sectors.

Project owners are Dan Michal and Tereza Michalová.

Dan takes the responsablity for the overall functioning of the Blue House with the aim to create high quality and client-friendly services.  To achive this goal he uses his previous  consulting experience in advising major enterprise corporation or government authorities. Tereza pays particular attention to the sales activities. She profits from her previous experience in the real estate market and the banking sector.

Blue HOUSE service provider is a consultancy company PBA Group, s. r. o.

We follow our vision without complaining about the market 

Blue House has set as its goal provision of modern real estate and advisory services based on the latest marketing trends and sales techniques.

We consider properties as a mirror to people´s lifestyle. 

We love properties, which have their own style, real value and other attributes in which we believe. These are the ones we market most.  It is individual approach to each property and the story behind its potential that we value more than luxory image of property. Our clients must feel that we have the belief  in properties we sell.

We target primarily residential locations within Prague, wider city center or even some beautiful urban locations around Prague.  

We cooperate closely with architects, interior designers, builders, designers and energy auditors.

The more you know about the market, the better transaction you make

The philosophy behind Bluehouse reflects our personal experience with the real estate market, which we acquired from the transactions on our own account and which we expand with BEST PRACTISES knowledge that we acquire through membership in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Association. Our goal is to offer exceptional quality service on the Czech real estate market. BlueHOUSE reputation is portrayed in the properties we sell.