Company´s profile: 4 pillars of Our strategy

We inspire from the best

It is a way of working which creates referrals. Our goal is to be successful with every real estate transaction. To achieve it we study best practises in the market. We want to understand what works and what does not and why.

1. Clear vision

  • We have a clear marketing and sales strategy. We know exactly who is our target group, what services we wish to offer and how we would deliver the services.
  • We work with concrete market locations while studying client needs. We closely follow price development in the market.
  • Our professional experience allows us to follow modern trends in our field. We put emphasis on the development of modern technologies.

2. Know-how

  • We take advantage of a training programme by a famous and still very active American real estate coach Joe Stumpf who has been studying for over 30 years best real estate practises.
  • We are also very lucky to have David Macintyre (owner of ArizonaBest) as our mentor and advisor. David has more than 30 years of experience with managing large real estate companies on highly competitive US market.

3. Human Resources

  • We work with real estate consultants on the basis of a mutually convenient cooperation.
  • We can build on our personal experience with a number of real estate transaction as it is the best to learn from personal experience. We believe in professional experience and education which is unfortunately not the main device in business however we believe that education has its value in any field of human activities.

4. Membership in LeadingRE

  •  In May 2012 we became members of LeadingRE (Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is a global network of 550 top companies with 5,000 offices in 50 countries worldwide). It is a prestigious organisation where being a member is an honour and it requires a high standard of delivered services otherwise the membership is cancelled with immediate effect. We are the only company in the Czech Republic with the membership.
  • Thanks to our membership in the association we can provide our clients with interesting services when buying properties abroad or help them when they move abroad.

The more you know about the market, the better transaction you make

The philosophy behind Bluehouse reflects our personal experience with the real estate market, which we acquired from the transactions on our own account and which we expand with BEST PRACTISES knowledge that we acquire through membership in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Association. Our goal is to offer exceptional quality service on the Czech real estate market. BlueHOUSE reputation is portrayed in the properties we sell.