You want to buy?

Feedback is more valuable than recommending a property

What awaits you in the real estate market? What questions are worth asking? How do you recognise you have reached moment of taking decision to buy one particular real estate?

Many people subconsciously identify themselves with buying a property at the moment of signing purchase contract. They can feel high emotions, such as excitement and joy, or they can have doubts  or anxiety. However under normal circumstances, signing purchase contract is a formal social act. What was important happened already before.

BlueHOUSE´s role is to give confidence you understand practises of the market. The more you know the better you feel. That´s why we put more emphasis on feedback rather than on persuading you should buy one particular property. 

When speaking to buyers we are in better position than you are

Here are a couple of reasons why to consider working with BlueHOUSE:

  • You get our experience with the real estate market: You pay for a qualified feedback, not for finding a random property that you might also discover on the market.
  • We are able to identify value in real estate: These facts help with negotiations on property price.
  • We hep with design: We can show how you can change your property and what it would mean financially. 

Step 1. We will guide you through the market

It is proven that purchased property is usually very different from the original idea. We will assit you in realizing your real preferences.

  • Your input: The starting point is the main reason why you want to buy a property. A key input is a price limit of the property combined with an ideal location.
  • Our dialogue: We focus on individual characteristics of property (architecture style, interior design, operating costs, garden etc). We discuss what these terms represent and why they are important to you.

Step 2. Looking for a property

Our task is to equip you with information,  but decision to chose one property remains entirely up to you.

  • Photos, videos, tours: Finding a fine property. We will go on tour with you or without you.
  • Audit of real estate: We will review legal terms, business conditions (the seller’s situation and its likely positon for price negotiation), construction needs (desing recommendation, extent of reconstruction, budget and other necessities).

Step 3. Buying for you

We will ensure you get a good deal on property.

  • Price negotiations. We put a strong emphasis on reasoning and coherent strategy. We prepare market price analysis.
  • Mortgage financing: If you need a mortage loan we will help to select the best one.
  • Visualization and design: Smart buy requires to see things that other people do not see.

Step 4. Change of ownership

We ensure safety of the transaction in all its phases.

  • We will take care of legal issues and take-over.

Would you like to know more?

Please call + 420 777 65 08 65 or write to and we will be happy to contact you.

The more you know about the market, the better transaction you make

The philosophy behind Bluehouse reflects our personal experience with the real estate market, which we acquired from the transactions on our own account and which we expand with BEST PRACTISES knowledge that we acquire through membership in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Association. Our goal is to offer exceptional quality service on the Czech real estate market. BlueHOUSE reputation is portrayed in the properties we sell.