How to buy

Overall design concept wins it over a few expensive pieces

You want to buy without spending much

If you buy a home and you want to avoid spending much, you need to chose one, which only you can change the way, the others would not to be able to. Using various design techniques can significantly help you to save or earn a lot fo money.

On all the pictures below you can see the work of  Zuzana Jančušková, who is BlueHOUSE interior designer.

Bhouse_Zuzana práce

It is surprising that still many people are making a beginner mistake when they believe they can be designers. They discover only late that their chosen aesthetic solution was not the right one.

Blue House experience shows that only a third attempt at arranging property leads to their satisfaction. It is because they finally discover they are much better off with architect or interior designer.

As a result one can find a lot of properties on the market that were previously furnished by their owners and are difficult to sell, because these owners want to get back ther money spend in the wrong way. 

It is ironic that behind not using professionals with training and experience are economic reasons. The simple truth is that if these professionals are really good, they might save a lot of money, because they can also provide financially attractive solutions one would never discovered without them.

The more you know about the market, the better transaction you make

The philosophy behind Bluehouse reflects our personal experience with the real estate market, which we acquired from the transactions on our own account and which we expand with BEST PRACTISES knowledge that we acquire through membership in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Association. Our goal is to offer exceptional quality service on the Czech real estate market. BlueHOUSE reputation is portrayed in the properties we sell.