How to sell

Clever marketing is a key to high selling price

Sale of real estate looks easy, but take a closer look and you will discover it is a very complex discipline. Shortcuts do not work, a really good sale needs well worked out strategy. Just look around and you will see that passive advertising of your property can not generate proper interest from buyers.

What steps we will take to help with selling your property?

Step 1. We create a good story / profile property

The buyer must be given a strong reason why he should buy: Each property attracts its own buyers, but for how much it sells  is decided by the story one makes about it. Our task is to show your property at its best, yet with authentic light.

  • We analyze the market: We will show you the difference between properties that were really sold,  properties still on the market and properties  which are unsaleable in the long term.
  • We create a selling concept, which is just your: The decision to sell might be rational one, but buying it is always full of emotions. We look for creative solutions, because we know that traditional forms of selling real estate is no longer enough. We get nspiration from the successful  projects.
  • Home staging: People buy what they like, where they feel comfortable. We will advise on how your property shall be presented to buyers.
  • Presentation: We prepare a professional description and photographs of your property.

Step 2. We look for a buyer

We do everything to reach your target group, since there is no property which is for everyone. We use our own client base, advertising tools, we cooperate with other brokers etc.

  • Advertising: We know when-where-how, we can also recommend a preferential positioning in internet search engines or other forms of visibility.
  • We cooperate with other brokers: We can reach a wide portfolio of buyers for which it is known that they want to purchase property.  We are in touch with a group of other professional agents operating in the same market.

Step 3. We sell

Above all we inspire buyers. People must have a really tempting reason to buy, they need necessary funding and most importantly they must be prepared to make a buying decision.

  • Decision making: This is all about understanding buyers´ needs, their way of thinking and helping them to overcome any troubles that can emerge in the whole process of buying a property. 

Step 4. Change of ownership

We will ensure safety of the sale transaction: We will take care of the legal security with a trusted attorney, we will keep an eye on the safe transfer moeny to your account, we will administer take-over of property, we will help with the tax return duties etc.

The more you know about the market, the better transaction you make

The philosophy behind Bluehouse reflects our personal experience with the real estate market, which we acquired from the transactions on our own account and which we expand with BEST PRACTISES knowledge that we acquire through membership in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Association. Our goal is to offer exceptional quality service on the Czech real estate market. BlueHOUSE reputation is portrayed in the properties we sell.